Abstract Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations guidelines

Your Oral Presentation should be 8 minutes of slides and oral presentation followed by 5 minutes of discussion and questions hosted by the chairperson.

  • Your presentation times will be shown in the conference program that will be shared with you and also available at this website one week before the conference.
  • You should arrive at your allocated session space/hall, introduce yourself to the session chairperson and familiarize yourself with the audio visual facilities at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. Slides should have already been submitted on the same email that you received your decision communication.
  • There will be a strict observation of the time limit on your presentation, thus prepare to deliver within the real time allocated.
  • The question and discussion time will not be considered as part of your presentation time.
  • At the end of your presentation you will be asked questions about your abstract. The chairperson of your session will facilitate questions from the audience and guide the discussion.In preparing your slides, please pay special attention to: Correcting spelling mistakes, Choice of colour scheme for background and text (high contrast works best), Font size chosen (i.e. no smaller than 20 point), Avoid detailed tables and diagrams, Avoid overcrowding the slides
Poster Presentation guidelines
  • Size: maximum as large as the size of a flip chart paper or a poster board. (max: 64cm x 76cm).
  • Content: Title, Authors, Author affiliations, Logos, Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion/Conclusion. This is your opportunity to tell the story of your study/project. You can add pictures, images as you want but do not crowd the poster.
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